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The first mentions of Ożarów Mazowiecki date back to the times of Casimir the Great in the year 1342. In the Middle Ages the city was a princely village belonging to the District  of Warsaw under the names Pożarowy Folwark (the Fire Farm) and the village of Pożarowy. In 1620 it became the property of Podlasie Governor, Zofia Warszycka. The Swedish wars destroyed the whole area almost completely.
Since 1911 Ożarów has changed. It has transformed into a vegetable and fruit economic centre. After the regain of independence there was a further development of the village. In 1929 the factory of cables ‘Ożarów’ was established, thanks to which in the times of crisis, many of the unemployed have found their jobs. The first school building in Ożarów was built in 1930. A historical event was the signing of the arrangement for cessation of hostilities, ending the Warsaw Uprising on October 2, 1944 in the manor house at Poniatowski Street. In 1958 Ożarów officially became the settlement, while on 1st of January 1967 Ożarów received municipal rights, and changed its name.
At present Ożarów Mazowiecki is a rapidly growing municipality near Warsaw, which develops housing, gardening, inoffensive industry and logistics. The infrastructure of the municipality offers big opportunities for the development of any kind of enterprise. The convenient location, free investment zones in Ożarów, have accounted for a special place for investors. The largest in Poland, Warsaw Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market is located in Bronisze. Assets of the municipality were also appreciated by several large Polish and foreign companies, who decided to invest their capital here.
Touring qualities of the municipality, which include historic and heritage buildings (manor houses and manorial parks, numerous sacred sites, and elements of industrial development), as well as the peculiarities of nature, are the assets and attractions in the area.

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