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The Protected Landscape Area of Warsaw was set up in 1997. It is 150 000 hectares in total area and extends through 45 municipalities, out of which the area of 203 hectares is located in the municipality of Ożarow, to which the described area belongs, including the town of Wolica with the part of the Utrata River valley in Płochocin (the circuit of operations of the Cooperative Commerce and Agriculture Płochocin) and Wolica Nature Reserve of 50.39 hectares in area. It owes its name to the wilderness and the adjoining villages. It lies in the so-called Błońska Plain. It is the only forest habitat in the municipality preserved in its original form, proving the natural abundance in the Utrata River Valley.

The purpose of the establishment of the nature reserve was to preserve riparian forests and deciduous forest in the Utrata River Valley.

Nearly the whole forest is of natural origin. Many specimens of trees grow here. The most popular are elms, oaks and alders. Among the predominant forest stands, that are several decades old, some grow singly or in groups. More than a century-old elms, oaks and ash trees once probably served the function of spermatin. In the north-eastern part of the nature reserve, there are mostly a century-old oaks. Due to the very rural profile of the area surrounding the nature reserve, it is the only mainstay of forest animals in the neighbourhood. Wolica Nature Reserve is open for tourists and walkers but the roads during periods of spring and autumn and during heavy rainfall are hardly accessible.



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